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WHAT A NIGHTMARE: Justin Alcala's "Thrice in One Sitting" Available October 30th

Spooktober continues with another freaky-geeky “FREE” short story by yours truly. That’s right, I have yet another spooky tale for you just in time for Halloween. Check out “Thrice in One Sitting” on October 30th, along with twelve other horror pieces presented by the Academy of the Heart and Mind’s online publishing distribution. The Academy of the Heart and Mind is dedicated to writers and their craft. But Justin, can you give me a sneak-peak for your story? Of course!

Faith contains both candor and falsehoods, and is cruel to those unable to interpret the distinction. That’s what the New England witch-hunter, Silas Fear-The-Lord Doddridge, observes when returning to the superstitious village of Pontybridge. Old-world beliefs contributed to false claims in the past, but the puzzling death of a newlywed woman tests to be the devil’s work. The villagers smell a witch in their midsts, and their prime culprit in her aloof husband, Tadhg, whom Silas must get answers from if he wishes payment for his holy services. The only catch, Tadhg claims there’s something living in the woods, and it’s as extraordinary as it is probable.

Thrice in One Sitting is a 2,356 word short horror story which takes place during the seventeenth-century Witch Hunt. It’s a terrifying tale that warns of the dangers of wielding authority in any faith, especially when its true dangers surface. It has a subtle style of horror similar to M. R. James or Robert Aickman, emphasizing the unknown more than guts and gore.

Check out Thrice in One Sitting, and twelve other terrifying tales, October 30th at…


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