It's Out! "The Devil in the Wide City 2nd edition" Hits Shelves Today

Peeps, It's out. Get ready to pee your pants with the hilarious novel, "The Devil in the Wide City." Join Ned, the fallen angel, and his band of misfits, as they stumble through an investigation that may just end up saving the world. Get your copy on amazon Prime or Kindle. PRIME (Hard Copy)

Consumed 2nd Edition Contracted by BLKDOG Publishing

What a great time for Horror Novels. Nathan will return to the pages with "Consumed" 2nd edition, brought to you by BLKDOG Publishing. Expect to read about Nathan, the opium addicted detective, as he investigates London's dirty Victorian streets sometime in late 2019 to early 2020.

“The Bard and the King” The Art of Not Selling Out

There once was a bard and king that decided to trade places. The bard wanted a royal audience to help make him the most celebrated artist in the kingdom. The king yearned for freedom, and dreamed of strolling freely through the plebeian lands. So the pair traded cap and crown, lute and scepter, then went on their way. It took less than twenty-four hours, followed by three magical texts and two Uber carriages to return everything to normal. Both the king and bard decided that this was the dumbest idea ever, and agreed to never talk about it again. Whether your’e a painter, performer or poet, chances are that if you’re trying to make a living off of your art, you're struggling to find balance.

Sunday, July 28th: Get Your First Copy of "The Devil in the Wide City"

Join Ned, Chelsea and the rest of the supernatural gang for the wicked release of "The Devil in the Wide City" Sunday, July 28th. Exclusively at Amazon. Hard Cover

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