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Full Cover Sleeve w_ Title_ Dim Fairy Ta
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Full Cover Sleeve w_ Title_ Dim Fairy Ta
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Full Cover Sleeve w_ Title_ Dim Fairy Ta
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   In the spirit of "Dim Fairy Tales" and all of its comic book nerdness,

I talk comics and writing with Jamais Jochim of the Web Comics Podcast. Check it out!

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What do you get when a comic book collecting boy from the Fairy World is struck with tragedy due to his murderous Fairy Grandmother? The dark and humorous Urban Fictionnovel, "Dim Fairytales" of course. 


Dim Fairytales is an absurdist fictional piece about Adair, a half-fairy trapped in The Lands of Change. Fortunately for Adair, his guardian, Robin Goodfellow, keeps him safe from the murderous plots of his grandmother, Queen Aveline. One day though the Queen finds a loophole in the airtight contracts of fairies, and Adair is forced to flee for his life, stumbling back into the mortal world. Disheartened, Adair wanders the streets of Killarney in wait for his grandmother’s ultimate coup de gras. However, when Adair crosses paths with Evie, an edgy, but lovable American tourist, he quickly forgets about his plight in order to pursue a relationship.

im Fairy Tales

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