Justin Alcala's Short Story "The Offering" to Join Rogue Planet/Horrified Press's

Rogue Planet/Horrified Press has contracted the Justin Alcala short horror story, "The Offering" for their Cthulhu themed "Candlemas 2020" Anthology that will be available in book and electronic form. Keep an eye out for the anthology in December of 2020. What's Justin's story about? Here's a taste... When Captain Garvey accidentally leads his crab vessel off course, his worst fears are that his crew will refuse to work for him next season. That is until his nephew, Danny, claims to see a drowned woman underneath the frigid depths. While Captain Garvey initially tries to convince Danny that it’s his imagination, he must concede when the crew later pulls the tangled woman from one of their cr

Author Interview: Henry Anderson

Oh the magic of books. What would life be without them? More importantly, where would we be without their authors? We take for granted all of the dreamed up stories on our bookshelves and iPads. We forget about all of the work, love and struggles that goes into each word. Today on the Justin Alcala blog, I’m excited to interview Solstice Publishing author, Henry Anderson. Henry Anderson is a former news reporter who has written for national UK newspapers. He spent time as a farmhand in Australia before working in publishing and journalism. His current novels, “Cape Misfortune” and “The Mouth” are fantastic tales available on amazon. But before you pick them up, let’s learn a little bit abou

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