This October, Unfading Daydream Magazine Presents "Time Will Tell" by Justin Alcala

When Jasper, a company man with a guilty conscience, works through his supper, he finds himself starving for a late night meal. Unfortunately for him, protestors have been demonstrating outside of this corporation’s megaplex day and night because of Jasper’s push to raise prescription costs. Desperate, he scampers to a local diner, but finds that he’s possibly being followed by a middle aged stranger. Jasper takes refuge within the restaurant, and nearly forgets about the stranger due to a newscast about linear particle reversal. That is until the stranger enters the diner, confirming Jasper’s worst fears. This October, Unfading Daydream Magazine Presents the Scifi short story, “Time Will Te

Natural Twenty: Why Role Playing Leveled Up My Writing

Your hero enters the dungeon, exploring every twisting corridor for dangerous traps, valuable clues and endless treasure. Each corner of the crooked stone ceiling is covered in cobwebs. The walls seem to swell as if they’re breathing. Your hero holds up their torch, lighting the otherwise dark path as they approach the main doorway of the mad wizard’s lab. Written in ancient runes are the words “Office, Keep Out.” The hero grabs the doorknob, takes one last deep breath, then pushes forward, sword raised as they rush inside. To the hero’s horror, the study is empty except for a single desk. On top of the workspace, a laptop glows an eerie white. It appears the evil wizard had been working on

Justin Alcala Article: Urban Fantasy, The Modern Fairy Tale

When we imagine Urban Fantasy books, we may dream up wizards trotting along dirty streets or dragons soaring between skyscrapers. But why do readers enjoy this outlandish genre? In this blog, Urban Fantasy: The Modern Fairy Tale, we’ll see that we’ve been using fairy tales of old much as we use urban fantasy today, forged by the fires of contemporary issues. Join me in examining urban fantasy’s market hurdles, and how we can help preserve these modern fairy tales for decades to come. Check out the article, "Urban Fantasy, The Modern Fairy Tale" this October only at Scarlet Leaf Magazine.

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