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Justin Alcala: Smoking at the Fingertips (Updates)

Life, in all its madness, is better than I deserve. We are coming along nicely with our many projects, including the final edit and querying of "The Taming of the Cthulhu", proofread by #1 NYT-bestselling memoirs and WSJ-bestselling editor, Oren Eades. The manuscript has entered several literary contests, including the Stoker Awards, Edgar Awards, and Horror Fiction Competition.

In addition, talks are in the works with publishers for "The Last Stop". I'm so excited for the amazing opportunity to speak with so many fantastic publishers and agents.

Finally, breaking news! The Wingless Dreamer Contest for Horror Arts & Literature Competition has come to an end. I am over the moon when saying that my short story won. In addition to winning, my story will be added to the "Unheard Phantoms" Anthology.

Readers and Writing Community, my great thanks to everyone. I can't wait to see you on the pages, online, and anywhere else bizarrely fantastic readers reside.

Until then,

Justin Alcala


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