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Grim & Gilded dark literary e-magazine presents Issue 8 just in time for Halloween. Catch my addition and be prepared to be terrified.

For three years, the American Civil War spread hell across the countryside. Keelan, an upbeat Irish entrepreneur obsessed with his trade, detours the bloody roads near Richmond, optimistic to find new clients for his family’s textile factory. But the Charlotte Storm of 1864 injures Keelan, and he begs for shelter at the first farmhouse he can find. Abigail, the owner of the home, will take the weary soul in, but there’s evidence that not all is right in her tiny southern cottage. Abigail offers Keelan the only available room, a small attic space to rest, but he learns who lived there before. Abigail’s mysterious son who joined the Union army, once slept in the very bed Keelan now tries to recover in, and Keelan learns the young man wants his bedroom back.

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