Let the Right Ones In

No writer should ever go without critiquing. Receiving writing advice is beneficial. It helps test our mindset and keeps us thinking about the reader. However, there are many types of advice- sometimes good and sometimes...well, corrosive. It's the responsibility of the writer to understand the difference between a valuable assessment and harmful opinion. While you may think that this is easy, you'll find that your relationship to the source, the experience of the contributor and the preference of the reviewer all come into play when measuring the value of one's opinion. I'm a strange kind of writer (shocked, I know). I write for friends and family, but rarely ask for their opinion. That's b

The Secret of the Secret

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Secrets to Writing books. It’s not that I’m feeling uninspired. It’s that I’m curious as to what established authors recommend when it comes to good writing. First off, if you’re ever going to rely on someone’s opinion when it comes to success, don’t let it be a person who makes up imaginary stories in their head. We are untrustworthy sources. On that note, let me give you my capricious input, which was thought up between conceptualizing plots for fairies and leprechauns. Actually, it’s not so much my input per se, as much as it is the input of several self-help books. Step one- understand that every writer has their own methods. Not all authors come out

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