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Join Justin Alcala And Connect With Your Inner Nerd on the "Your Inner Nerd" Podcast.

Join me on YOUR INNER NERD PODCAST. Let’s talk “A Dead End Job,” writing, history facts and Dungeons and Dragons on Spotify & Anchor.

Episode Description

Welcome nerds and nerdette's to another episode of Your Inner Nerd this week we interview Justin Alcala, a delightful and charming novelist, nerdologist and Speculative Literature Foundation Award Finalist. This episode has everything. Public Debauchery, a relishable fusion of writing, working with publishers, history, tabletop gaming, DND and science fiction books. If you're boring, I understand how there might not be something here for you. But if you're not average or boring, this episode is for you. Listen now to find out what famous American gangster's famous death-site Justin defiled. Full circle, this gangster also makes an important appearance in Justin's new book "A Dead End Job." Join our Discord and let us know in #general what your favorite story was. The first 5 to do so get an Amazon gift of "A dead end Job" delivered to your email. Checkout our discord you can also email us @ Check us out on twitter as well @YourInnerNerd1 Instagram : Music by Jason Shaw on


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