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Author, Novelist, Short Story Writer

  Justin Carlos Alcala (he/him) is an award-winning American novelist & short story writer. His works are most notable for their appearance in Publisher’s Weekly, the SLF Foundation Awards, and the University of British Columbia project archives. Justin is a folklore fanatic, history nerd, tabletop gamer, and time traveler. Alcala’s thirty plus short stories, novellas, and novels can be found in anthologies, magazines, journals, and commercial publications. He currently resides with his dark queen, Mallory, their hex-witch daughter, Lily, changeling son, Ronan, goblin-baby, Asher, and hound of Ragnarök, Fenrir in Bigfoot’s domain. Where his mind might be is anyone’s guess. 
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FACT: History knows little of Shakespeare's early life...until today. Join Shakespeare on a romp across the Spanish Main as he teams up with a mad conquistador and musty musketeer to save the world against The Great Old One in "The Taming of the Cthulhu." In Submission Process! Huzzah!



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