Detective Sergeant Nathaniel Brannick loathes the world he lives in. Trapped in London during a period of disease, crime, and insatiable vices, he fights to keep his humanity after his wife falls ill from consumption. In order to manage his grief, Brannick turns to opium, but struggles to keep his addiction under control while continuing his police work. Then one night as he returns home from work, Nathaniel stumbles upon an eerie messenger in his flat who warns of darker things to come. The next day he takes a new case involving a victim who suffered from consumption. As he uncovers more clues, he cannot help but wonder if the practical man he once was has been altered by an investigation encompassed in the paranormal. That is until he meets the witch hunters and everything takes a turn for the worse.  

"Who doesn't like

a good mystery novel

with a creepy London vibe

from the Jack the Ripper


-5 Stars, Christian

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